Barbara Hughes


Vancouver, WA

Barb Hughes started teaching herself piano at age 5 and continued playing into early adulthood. She began playing flute at age 9, continuing through high school. She played handbells for two years as a teenager in a Cleveland church and always remembered how much she loved them. In May of 2017, Barb joined the Salmon Creek United Methodist Church Exultation Ringers directed by Matt Compton, after seeing him direct Bells of the Cascades. With Matt’s encouragement, she honed her skills and joined BOC in August of 2017.

Barb is a member of the BOC Education Team and assists with website and email tasks, having a background in Silicon Valley software companies. She is a self-employed book editor, a spiritual explorer, lives with her partner Mark and two cats, has two daughters, and Skypes as often as possible with her two young grandchildren who live in Virginia.