Join Rose City Ringers!

The purpose of Rose City Ringers is to provide an opportunity for people to advance their ringing skills.

We’re looking for skilled musicians who have either never played the instrument but are curious, or players looking to move their skill level to that of the more advanced ringer.

Done in the context of a choir, our goal is to create an opportunity for people to join a group whose focus is on educating and creating better ringers who will support various choirs throughout in the Portland area, including Bells of the Cascades. Read more about Rose City Ringers.

Schedule, cost and commitment

Rose City Ringers rehearses every Tuesday evening from 4:45 to 6:15 PM during the fall and spring seasons (12 weeks each) at Tualatin Presbyterian Church in Tualatin, OR.

The cost for participation is $150 per season.

For more information and exact schedule dates for the upcoming season, please contact us at

Musical experience
Please provide information regarding your musical experience:
If you've played bells in the past...
If you've never played handbells before, you may skip this portion.