Apply for the Bells of the Cascades 2017 Handbell Festival Bronze choir

A ringer in the Bronze choir should have the skills listed in this form and be able to ring AGEHR level 4–5 pieces.

Please rate your skills by selecting the appropriate number. To ensure the best experience both for you and other ringers, please try to be as realistic as you can in your evaluation. If you are unsure of your abilities in any of these areas, please consult with your director or an experienced handbell ringer.

You must purchase and rehearse these pieces prior to the festival on your own:

“Dance Before the Lord,” Michael Helman: AP23777 (Lv. 4)
“Contemplation and Dance on Kingsfold,” arr. Hart Morris: HP2705 (Lv. 3+)
“Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?,” arr. Matthew Compton: AG37010 (Lv. 3+)
“Solace,” Arnold B. Sherman: AG46007 (Lv. 4+)

Bronze choir application deadline is Sept. 15. You will receive your determination, and positions if accepted, by Sept. 20.

ExcellentGoodAveragePoorNo experience
Low bass skills (G2–B3)
Basic rhythms and meters
Complex rhythms and meters
Four-in-hand and Shelley ringing
Weaving three to four or more bells
Playing musically
Sight reading
Memorizations of sections
Willingness to direction and constructive criticism
Willingness to work with others
Please describe, if any.
Please include, name, email, and phone number.