Festival: Salmon Creek United Methodist Church - Bells of the Cascades Handbell Festival

Bells of the Cascades Handbell Festival
Sat, November 4, 2017, 7:00 AM
Salmon Creek United Methodist Church
12217 NE Hwy 99
Vancouver, WA
$75 per choir or $20 per ringer by Oct. 1, $100 per choir or $35 per ringer after Oct. 1

Join us for this fun and educational event! Challenge your ringers and yourself, learn new skills, and meet musicians from around the region.

Registration deadline is Oct. 15, but register before Oct. 1 for early-bird rates!

Be sure to invite your friends and family to the free public concert in the evening!


Massed Choir

Everyone will ring these pieces. Bronze choir ringers may ring either with their home choir, or on their positions with the bronze group.

“United,” Jason Krug: Please pick the version your choir would be strongest at.
              Choir 1 — BEHB566A (Lv. 3–) 
              Choir 2 — BEHB566B (Lv. 2)
“Joy and Elation,” Cynthia Dobrinski: HP2457 (Lv. 2+)
“Bound for the Promised Land,” arr. Derek Hakes: MHP2806 (Lv. 3–)


“Day by Day,” arr. Matthew Compton: LC201699L (Lv. 2+)
“Exuberant Joy,” Arnold Sherman: CGB427 (Lv. 2)


“A Call to Heaven,” arr. Jacob Erdman and Matthew Compton: BEHB601 (Lv. 3)
“Rhapsody,” Judy Phillips: RRBL5048 (Lv. 3)

Bronze (by audition).

“Dance Before the Lord,” Michael Helman: AP23777 (Lv. 4)
“Contemplation and Dance on Kingsfold,” arr. Hart Morris: HP2705 (Lv. 3+)
“Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?,” arr. Matthew Compton: AG37010 (Lv. 3+)
“Solace,” Arnold B. Sherman AG46007 (Lv. 4+)

The Bronze choir application deadline has passed.

Bells of the Cascades’ concert

Registrants of this festival will also be giving free admission to Bells of the Cascades’ concert on Friday, Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m.

Schedule of the day

7:00–7:45 AM: Registration and set up
8:00–9:50 AM: Massed rehearsal
10:00 AM–12:00 PM: Bronze rehearsal, classes for others
12:00–1:00 PM: Lunch
1:15–2:45 PM: Coppers rehearsal, classes for others
3:00–4:30 PM: Tins rehearsal, classes for others
4:45–5:45 PM: Dress rehearsal
5:45–7:00 PM: Dinner
7:00–7:20 PM: Final concert preparation
7:30 PM: Concert, free and open to the public


There will be classes offered when your choir is not in rehearsal! Classes will include:

  • Bass bells
  • Four-in-hand
  • Weaving
  • Mallet techniques


Contact us at (719) 651-5722 or director@bellsofthecascades.org.


You’ll be given payment information upon signing up. Registration is $75 per choir or $20 per ringer by Oct. 1, $100 per choir or $35 per ringer after Oct. 1.

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