Mar Markham


Portland, OR

Born and raised in Northeast Portland, Mar Markham began studying music in 6th grade band as a flute player. Since then, Mar picked up baritone saxophone in high school and finally joined their first handbell ensemble in college in 2017 at Concordia University Portland. As a former dance team coach and choreographer, Mar’s favorite instrument by far is handbells because it combines both worlds of musicianship and movement. Mar joined Bells of the Cascades in the Fall 2021 season, and couldn’t be more excited to continue ringing and growing as a musician!

Having earned a Social Work degree from Concordia in 2019, Mary has just achieved a Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Portland. When they’re not ringing, you might find Mar hanging around the social blues and swing dancing scene in Portland, spending quality time with their cat, or working part time at a local shelter for people experiencing houselessness.